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Transform the city, brick by brick, so that it is accessible to everyone, always.

what ?

Fair Ground Brussels aims to build a city where access to space is guaranteed forever.

We acquire spaces to enable low-income households and individuals to own or rent a decent, affordable and sustainable home.

We fight against homelessness by providing housing for the most disadvantaged people, who will be supported in their reintegration project.

We create community facilities to host social, cultural and social economy initiatives and provide spaces for activities.

Why ?

The issue of the affordable city

European cities all suffer from a common problem: rising property prices. The gap between household income and the budget allocated to housing is widening. To the extent that housing, although a constitutionally guaranteed right, is becoming inaccessible to an ever-growing segment of the population.


Households waiting for social housing


Social housing units constructed annually

1.200 €

Average salary in Brussels

800 €

Average rent in Brussels


Securing land as a common good

To ensure that the properties acquired by the cooperative remain affordable forever, Fair Ground extracts the land from the market. How does it do this? According to these two principles: