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Investing in Fairground Brussels, means directly participating to the development of the cooperative

Invest in the cooperative

To become a cooperator and support and participate in the life of Fairground Brussels, all you have to do is buy a share in the cooperative for 25 euros.  Whether you take one or more shares, you become a cooperator and can take part in the decisions of the cooperative in the same way as all the other cooperators.

At Fair Ground Brussels, it's one person, one vote.

We currently have 63 Fairgrounders.

Before investing, you should read this information note.

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from 25 euros

Supporter shares do not give the right to a dividend and can only be reimbursed if the reimbursement does not endanger the cooperative.

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from1000 euros

Type C shares carry a maximum dividend of 2% gross. A dividend can only be paid when the accounting year is positive.

Type C shares can only be repaid if the repayment does not endanger the cooperative.

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Bonds with a maturity of 10 years or more; it is also possible to lend us money at a fixed rate and maturity. Contact us for more information.

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The class C (investors) and D (supporters) shares issued by Fair Ground Brussels SC have received the Solidarity Finance label. The label certifies that they finance activities that generate social and/or environmental benefits. The label also guarantees that the investor will receive transparent and complete information about them. For more information on the financial product, we invite you to consult the information note available here. For more information on the label, go to Accueil - Label Finance solidaire