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Fair Ground Brussels is a real estate cooperative with a social purpose.

Its mission is to create affordable and sustainable spaces for housing and activities of collective interest.
The ambition is to develop real estate projects in a non-speculative way and to transform land into a common good.

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    Assemble an investment fund with the participation of citizens, associations and private and public institutions.

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    Creating housing for the most disadvantaged people and spaces of collective interest

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    To perpetuate access and the social purpose of the buildings, extracting the spaces from the traditional real estate market forever through the dismemberment of land and bricks.


Invest in the cooperative

Becoming a Fairgrounder means investing in the socialisation of the Brussels housing stock.

You contribute directly to the financing of the cooperative's projects and take part in the strategic thinking behind its development.

  • 164 cooperators
  • 840 200€ raised
  • 18 apartments and 2 community spaces

The cooperative

A real estate cooperative with a social purpose

By creating a cooperative in the real estate sector the aim is to allow citizens to reappropriate the city and to secure land as a common good.