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Programme urbanistique:

4 appartments


300 m²


Cellule Capteur et Créateur de Logement (L'ilot) et Logement pour Tous


People with low income


Présentation du projet

The building, located in a residential area of Jette, consists of 3 two-bedroom flats and 1 one-bedroom flat.

After some renovation works, mainly aiming at improving the energy performances, through a better insulation of the roof or the facades and more efficient boilers, the flats will be rented to people in a situation of important precariousness.

The allocation of housing and the support of our tenants will be handled by our partners, the Cellule Capteur et Createur de logement (CCL) of L’ILOT, and the social housing agency Logement Pour Tous.

Le rôle de Fairground

The purchase of this building was made possible thanks to a partnership with the Pro Renovassistance Foundation and the support of the "COCOM" en the King Baudouin Foundation. Upon completion of the project, housing allocation and tenant support will be provided by the CCL and rental management by AIS Logement Pour Tous.